Dallyon is the Korean term for "equipment maintenance". In Taekwon-Do equipment refers to our bodies. Dallyon is the maintenance of our bodies, consisting of:

  • Forging - The toughening of our attacking and blocking tools, such as hands and feet.

  • Stretching - Flexibility helps prevent injury and promotes great technique and overall health. It's very important that we never underestimate the importance of flexibility.

  • Running - Our bodies need to be conditioned to handle extended lengths of rigorous activity. Endurance and stamina are crucial in sparring, exercising and the possibility of self-defense. We hope that we never have to use our self-defense training outside the dojang but if the situation does arise we need to be able to last longer and fight harder then our attacker.

  • Weight training - Strong muscles create strong technique. Whether your punching, kicking or even blocking an attacker, every move should be capable of disabling an attacker. Strong muscles are also important in preventing injury by promoting strong limbs, joints and bones.