Centerline Student Earns Bronze
At International Championship Tournament!

United States Taekwon-Do Federation National Champions

1st Degree Black Belt, Mr. Reid Reininger traveled to Broomfield Colorado to compete in the 2011 International Taekwon-Do Championship tournament. The competition consisted of over 300 competitors from around the country as well as Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, and more.

Mr. Reininger earned a bronze medal in patterns competition. The competition group included 13 1st Degree Black Belts and tournament officials also decided to include a group of 5 2nd Degree Black Belts as well bringing the total number of competitors to a whopping 18. It took nearly 4 hours to work through the brackets and in the end Mr. Reininger only loss was in a narrow decision awarding the silver medal to a 2nd Degree Black Belt from Australia. Mr. Reininger performed flawlessly, only beat out by the more advanced techniques of his higher ranking competitors.

Mr. Reininger also competed in full contact continuous sparring. The four corner judges scored a very close fight advancing the winner to the 3rd/2nd place match. Ultimately Mr. Reiningers only loss eliminated him from the competition and his competitor went on to win 2nd place.

Congratulations Mr. Reininger! We are all very proud of you!


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