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Mara Skalenakis 
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(206) 491-9517
Owner Custom Crush Fitness
B.S., B.A., NASM-CPT, dotFIT trainer
Mara's customized approach to health and wellness is based on a background of medical knowledge and personal experience. After years working in physical therapy offices and commercial gyms she began to develop her own programming style to breathe success, excitement, and hope into her clients. Through corrective exercise, nutrition, holistic health, and eventual athletic performance she has seen countless successes from all levels and types of clientele. Now in the Walla Walla area, she has created Custom Crush Fitness to provide true and comprehensive fitness to the community. Mara is an avid weight lifter, trail runner, rock climber, horse back rider, swimmer, dancer, skiier, and soccer player. 

Centerline Marial Arts & Fitness is located downtown Walla Walla at 27 West Poplar